I do not like it is not made known Output standby windows. All in all the device performs great. Whether this is connected with a DI or acoustic guitar with a microphone that takes it, the result is very, very good. Yes The general configuration is easy? Plus it barely takes up any real estate in my workspace.

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Mbox Mini Drivers

The only incompatibility I found is that the port is USB 1. I plug the interface in my macbook pro everything goes very fast. This thing runs like a charm, and I’ve never had any latency issues with it or anything. You will get great, professional sounding results from this if you couple asioo with a great mic.

I use mostly the XLR input to capture audio from my condenser mics and it works great. So far the performance has been phenomenal. Previous versions of the Mbox had issues working in DAW’s besides Protools, but this one works in everything I’ve thrown at it so far.

As I wrote above, the quality of pre-amps Mbox mini blew me away and made me learn, recently, a Mbox Pro which delights me and has everything you could hope for. I had the 2nd generation mac os x Request a new review. Related Articles Mbox Drivers.


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The pre-amp proves excellent, more defined, clear and dynamic team that the Fast Track C How do you rate this mbod It’s compatible with Windows and Mac.

You just select the “Mbox Mini” option in the device windows of each respective program tinker with the latency settings and you’re done. This is a sound card to deliver with protools 9! If I would do this choice, for the price, yes, for ease of use not made because of having to reboot every time the PC is really annoying in the long run.

If you want to something in the Mbox series but with more inputs and outputs you should consider looking at the Mbox Pro.

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With my group we have chosen after testing the old version belonging to a friend. Its small size is a plus, you can kini it anywhere!

I put 9 because it is not the perfect product, I mean judging the prize and my use. Yes Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

There is my clavinova CVP is plugged into the two audio inputs. Whether this is connected with a DI or acoustic guitar with a microphone that takes it, the result is very, very good. AAE error at lowest buffer setting on some older Macs Known issue: Yes What you get lag? It’s quite heavy and built to last.

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The controls are very straight-forward for anyone who has used an audio interface before and the quick setup manual, though small does the job of helping you setup your device for use.

All of them sound good through the Mbox. Yes The general configuration is easy? The control panels for the new third generation Mbox Family do not require installation of Pro Tools or connection of the Mbox device to view or configure.

In general one branch over a microphone placed in front of the amps or voice, or digital piano online, or mixing desk on which you plug the microphone jack the battery it is also possible to connect two tables above to mix eg separate tom mics and overheads to deal with two separate tracks via software.

The value for money is very good though especially in bundle Pro Tools. I use pro tools course in version This unit cannot be racked nor is avod portable which caused some issues for us. Mac OS X