Sign In Sign Up. Posted August 29, Posted September 13, Go To Topic Listing Security. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As for things like Monitor mode and packet injection, windows doesn’t do monitor mode by default without an adapter designed for it.

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Cracking WEP with AirPcap and Cain and Abel | XtremeFX

I can’t remember all the files it creates but aitpcap is what Cain and abel airpcap remember doing to get it to work off the drive. I just want to clarify that the main reason for the airPcap adapter is it in a way ‘guarantees’ access to the physical layer of the adapter from what I understand.

Cain and abel airpcap going to look into a suitable Linux distro for what I need to do. You probably are wanting to do Monitor mode though, which is where AirPcap comes airppcap to play for windows. You would need to check a linux HCL for the distro you use to see if it can do what you want.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Does it have to be AirPcap? Even if a card is capable of monitor mode under linux, does not mean you can under windows as they do not have drivers written for windows to do this the same way you can in linux. I have it on a USB drive and it works fine airpdap of it. I know i had cain and abel airpcap portable version of cain and able and all i did was copy the dll’s into the root directory and it worked.


Most wireless adapters restrict access either in drivers or firmware to the ‘lower’ network layers which you cain and abel airpcap access to do things like ARP spoof attacks and the like.

Most cards should work with Netstumbler on Windows by default, as it doesn’t need to be in monitor mode to do it’s job of finding access points. Passive or Promiscuous mode?

Configuring Cain to Sniff Passwords on Wireless LAN Adapter

Or does it absolutely have to be a AirPcap adapter? Atheros works great for backtrack. Posted September 6, Cain and Able just allow you wbel do Cain and abel airpcap attacks, so as long as you are already on the access point, you use Cain to do the MITM attack and something like Wireshark to grab all the packets to search for things like passwords, etc, but should work with your card in promiscuous mode.

Posted September 13, Sorry if this was already a topic I didn’t have time to cain and abel airpcap the forums my flight is boarding.



Just have to copy any DLL files it creates outside of its folder to its base folder cain and abel airpcap moving the files to a flash drive. Posted August 28, Most distro sites have info on what hardware was tested and has drivers for stuff. Posted September 14, As for things like Monitor mode and packet cain and abel airpcap, windows doesn’t do monitor mode by default without anr adapter designed for it.

Thank you very much digip, That was pretty much everything I needed to know for the time being. Go To Topic Listing Security. By RogueCitizenAugust 28, in Security.

Sign In Sign Up. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Posted August 29, I think you mean Promiscuous mode, as you should be able to do promiscuous mode on most cards by default. AirPcap is the cain and abel airpcap card I have seen for windows that can do monitor mode by default, as it is its main purpose anyway.