This bit returns hardware acceleration capability. Then merge 2D engine sample program that works. For 2D acceleration portion, sample program and device document were helpful. Hi Manel No, I am using u-boot. Will post here when it is solved. Finally we need to refer other drivers because i has limited numbers of draw routine. Mentions Tags More Cancel.

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I cloned “git clone git: To confirm everything created and installed properly use DirectFB demo program. Registered named UNIX socket transport module.

directfb on omap

Failed to open eth0 [ 3. Do you have another question? Thanks in advance Peter.

An evaluation of the experimental Android platform build using seed tarball of repository has been created. I suggest you start DirectFB implementation from x86 Linux.

directfbrc (5) – Linux Man Pages

No such file or directory hi there Peter – how are ya doin? No suitable implementation found!

My WLAN1 gateway is Content on this omal may contain or be subject to specific guidelines or limitations on use. Submitted Regulator core Device Tree patches, posted initial patches for omap hsmmc, submitted rebased version of Samsung’s sdhci driver, reworked omap-serial DT on top of latest serial runtime adaptation patches rebased on 3.

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Migration of imx6 to common struct clk Multimedia Speex was released on Linaro Ubuntu evaluation build with NEON optimisation patches from upstream mailing list – version 1. The details cut and paste are below: You should pass one variable as: If you need a standalone setup, since the source is available – can you find what error causes this message to be output?

This should return check result of expected graphics chip is exist or not. If driver does not works then move to next driver check, if all drivers does not much, DirectFB runs software mode without dedicated graphics driver. Development of dri2proto, updating libdri2 to support dri2video and dri2video test diretfb, updating mesa and implementing the core functionality in xserver against xfvideo-nouveau – patches upstream, also available from https: The newly created question will be automatically linked to this question.

Colorkeyed stretch BLIT can not be support in this driver. SM driver development reference driver We use i graphics driver as a reference, because it is small and looks easy to implement. Set source address for BLIT operation.

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Monday, November 18 Also changes were implemented in V4L2 core and videobuf2 framework to adapt as dma-buf users Kernel Released Linaro kernel 3. Hi Peter, You board have a clock misconfiguration error. You can write your own driver as you like except command parameters and return value. But sometime it is difficult to understand actual drawing limitations.

Cycles//Release/Highlights – Linaro Wiki

I have added i2cdetect tools trying to debug this thing – output is at directvb bottom. This is an issue that frequently comes up for new builds. Draw triangle with filling inside. Mounted root nfs filesystem on device 0: This is my backup board in case I brick board 2 below.

Saturday, November 23 Could not compile stylesheet for simplistic. We use i graphics driver as a reference, because it is small and looks easy to implement.