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The stick gives you a lot of freedom, so you can wreck the hell out of your sounds. You can create your own mixes, and end up making songs that are actually quite digutal. The only limitation is your computer’s RAM. The unit is laid out like a rudimentary CD mixer. So how do you dm2 digital music mixer When you get bored with the canned music, you can upload your own tracks or recordings.

We like the DM2 because it combines two scratchable decks, a sampler, a cross-fader, and an effects box dm2 digital music mixer one unit for em2 absurdly low price. The amount of bang you get for your buck is crazy high.

Naturally, you can export your mixes at CD quality, which is great if you want to make an MP3, a CD, or import the mix as a track into your digital multitracking software. You can also hook up your own mic and start singing your heart out to your very own song. Does not play your tracks while you are recording with a dm2 digital music mixer. But you can also assign any uncompressed WAV file on your computer to any of the 16 sample buttons on the dm2 digital music mixer.


Please read our Privacy Policy. Overall, the DM2 is a great toy to play around with. So forget about importing full-length tracks, they’re just too big.

It’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s hours of creative fun. A future version of this machine that ran MP3 would be perfect, as even at extremely high bitrates, the files would be nice and small. The Good Great substitute for far dm2 digital music mixer expensive equipment; easy to use; includes prefilled samples but also lets you use your own.

Not redeemable for cash. Everyone at CNET had to play with the unit we had, so we think even nonmusical people will get a kick out of it. These buttons work in conjunction with the cross fader and let you break beats and samples. A mini joystick control, the Warp FX, lets you warp one of three sounds by dm2 digital music mixer the joystick around. A peripheral to beat the band How did Mixman cram so much into the DM2?

dm2 Digital Music Mixer Review – IGN

You can dm 4 different sequences at the single touch of a button! When you buy the DM2, you get 30 songs, each split into 16 different dm2 digital music mixer one for each sample button on the console. Each has a preset combination of samples.


The console itself houses two round decks, which control eight samples apiece and are bordered by two rubberized belts for nixer, as well as a few other DJ tools.

Sign Up Today Do you love tech deals? As of this time, there are no imminent plans to release a new version of the hardware though it has been in discussion.

Digital Blue DM2 Digital Music Mixer

It’s possible to create amazing club mixes just like professional DJs do. By taking advantage of the most powerful music tool dm2 digital music mixer the history of the world: The best iPhone asks you to think different. Trying to DJ with a mouse on a screen is like DJing underwater with one finger, so the DM2 is a welcome change that turns your computer into a lean, mean, electronic music machine. And for the dilettante, dm2 digital music mixer pair of s and a special edition Vestax is too big an investment.

Setting up the dm2 is certainly nothing like setting up a DJ coffin.