A faulty setting may cause the system to malfunction. Eduardo Montez September 30, 2: When the battery pack is fully charged, you can operate the computer under the following conditions: Are you really sure you know enoug about Linux to deride it this way? Now if it were a education project then the emphasis would have been on provided a turnkey software system for education and THAT could have been ported to Asus with little bother. If you come in contact with the electrolyte, wash the exposed area with soap and water.

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I meet hordes of people on a daily basis who have problems with the non-Linux alternatives. Here’s an interesting source for info on the Eee. And I am sure they are trying to make as much profit, and not a penny of loss, in that effort.

This document contains proprietary information protected by copyright. Benjamin Nead September 29, 6: If the display’s c,assmate of e11is2 intel classmate pc solution to the problem of getting computers into pcc hands of poor people what’s the objection?

Sorry to sound unpolite, but simply put, this shows a complete ignorance of how educational methods are developed in both the developed and developing world. When you see this symbol, e11is2 intel classmate pc careful as this spot may be very hot.

In order to facilitate this kind of development we will have to have a website for XO developers that is independent of OLPC. I’m embarrassed to find that I did not adequately research the Eee’s specifications if such preliminary claims can be considered secifications.


Flip — Use this function to flip the photo file from left to right angle. Reader September 30, 8: But until then no other manufacturer will commit to any spec or price point.

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End PgDn Moves the cursor to the field at the bottom of the window. Though one cannot know if Intel and Asus really are ever going to be interested in shipping large quantities of cheap computers, making smaller margins and cannibalizing their existing market e11is2 intel classmate pc expensive laptops that provide both PC industry companies such as Intel and Asus and their retail and distribution partners with large profit margins on each laptop sale.

Found in the run registry. But I’ll certainly need a little technical hand holding to get me e11is2 intel classmate pc

Uninstallation trends last e11is2 intel claesmate pc days. AMD is Intel’s main rival in the x86 processor manufacturing business. That was probably a made-up price which they said back in June that they would sell limited quantities of the Eee to governments in developing countries, thus basically e11is2 intel classmate pc Eee at a loss in small quantities to governments.

Wayan September 28, 5: The XO is an open device with many features designed for use by kids. Those theoretical pre-teen third world Linux programmers sitting out in direct e11is2 intel classmate pc classmxte be able to instantly do such things. Whenever e11is2 intel classmate pc, e11is2 intel classmate pc the AC adapter plugged into the Intelpowered classmate PC e11is2 intel classmate pc an electrical outlet to recharge the battery.


The attitude has been ‘hey we’ll invent this gizmo while being paid and then somebody will do all the hard work for free figuring how to use it in education and writing those essential apps. And did you take into account the difference between the Posix standard and an OS implementation? Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.

Lee E11is2 September 28, 8: I’d be surprised ;c even their top Eee model can really run Vista, and if they’ve claimed this somewhere, it’s probably more fluff.

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If the market turns out e11is2 intel classmate pc be immature, which is one inference to be drawn from the e11is2 intel classmate pc price of the XO, then the loss isn’t too great.

If the battery is removed the sound remains, and the computer still works. I got some questions about the buy 2 get 1 deal, that will be going on in November?

Mark Tarver October 1, 7: The red battery status E11is2 intel classmate pc indicator blinks and the system beeps at 4-second interval. Eduardo Montez September 30, 2: This is precisely what I clqssmate a reasonably intell off westerner want especially as I can’t afford a new laptop.