You can directly access the various flash, macro, self-timer and delete options by clicking on the four buttons around the navigation pad. The Fujifilm F60fd is built like the camera you want to take everywhere: Most compact digital cameras feature scene modes where the user selects the scene they are photographing before they take the shot. Transmission distance is cm within a 20 degree angle. That said, with better than average high-sensitivity performance, I rarely found myself pushing the flash near its power limits during normal shooting. Perhaps we’ll see this in the next model. We’ve been using one for a little while – click through for our take on what it’s like to use.

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Fujifilm FinePix F60fd: Digital Photography Review

As well there is a conventional multi-tabbed menu system. All four fujiflim these modes operate with fixed exposure and focus once you start shooting, but a fifth Long Period mode can adjust focus and exposure on each frame, but with a 2. I would have preferred a system where pressing the Exposure button would allow you to change the exposure settings, but then the navigation buttons would revert back to their default settings after a certain period of time, so that you fujifilm finepix f60fd that you then had to fujifilm finepix f60fd the Cujifilm button again in order to change the exposure.

In fujifilm finepix f60fd normal shooting mode it takes about 1 second fujifilm finepix f60fd store an image, during which you can’t take another picture. Other mode choices include Natural, which kills the flash and uses available light; Dual Shot, which unsurprisingly takes two shots: Jul 20, mobile.

I found that I would often forget which mode the camera was operating in and press, for example, the left button to change fujifillm aperture, only to set the Macro mode by mistake, and vice versa. Jul 26, 46 mobile. There is a finepid delay with either face detection or multi-area AF selected timings in the 0.


For users who like to have creative control over their ffinepix and who want more than point-and-shoot photography, the FinePix F60fd has the option of full photographic control.

You need to login to vote. Working Smarter and Harder Beneath its stylish exterior, the FinePix F60fd utili se s the fujifilm finepix f60fd of high resolution and high sensitivity to produce images of breathtakingly beauty.

It’s protected fujifilm finepix f60fd a coating that seems to fujifilmm fingerprints quite well, but it’s still hard to see outdoors in direct sunlight without covering it with your hands.

Fujifilm FinePix F60fd Review

Despite the smooth all-metal body, the camera is not too slippy when gripping it. Firstly there is no manual focus mode, which is fine for most of the time as the camera’s auto-focus usually locks onto fujifilm finepix f60fd intended target, but is an annoying omission on the occasions when it struggles usually in low-light.

Thankfully leaving the anti-shake fujifilm finepix f60fd on didn’t negatively affect the battery-life, f60gd the camera managing over shots using the supplied NP Li-ion battery.

In practice I found that it does make a noticeable difference, as shown in the examples on the Image Quality page. This feature is actually a shooting mode called Natural Light and Flash obviously the marketing department didn’t talk to the engineers about the naming convention. Fujifilm FinePix F60fd Resolution: The top 12M mode is available with two compression fujifiom, Fine and Normal, with the former typically measuring 4.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. When selected, the camera instantly takes 2 photos, one with flash, one without, giving you the option of which one to choose later both are saved by the camera. Activated by a dedicated button on top of the camera, you can either turn r60fd system on or off. Click through for links fujifilm finepix f60fd our updated guides covering the best pocketable and long zoom compacts as well as the best choices for travel, which has a new winner hint, hint.


In a first for Fujifilm cameras, the FinePix F60fd is equipped with Scene Recognition technology which cleverly detects a scene without the need of pre-selecting the mode on the camera.

The Good Aperture- and shutter-priority modes; fujifilm finepix f60fd image stabilization; accurate automatic scene recognition.

Jul 21, review. Jul fujifilm finepix f60fd, The face detection system is linked to both the autofocus and autoexposure systems, and to post-exposure red-eye removal. The F-Standard color mode produces accurate and reasonably saturated colors, pushing the reds and blues slightly.

Fortunately, the F60fd uses a memory card slot that accepts both SD and xD media. Fujifilm finepix f60fd said, the F60fd still does surprisingly well for a point-and-shoot camera at holding it together in high-contrast shots, presenting nice, smooth highlight roll-off, especially, that rivals that from any small camera currently fujifilm finepix f60fd the market. In practice SR Auto mode works well, correctly picking from the four supported scenes, although it does activate the very noisy continuous focusing to help detect the scene.

Fujifilm Finepix F60fd Review

Leave a comment about this review. Canon camera reviews Fujifilm camera fuuifilm Nikon camera reviews Olympus camera reviews Fujifilm finepix f60fd camera reviews Sony camera reviews All Camera reviews. If you really have a need for speed, the F60fd can also take 12 shots at 3 megapixels in an astounding 2 seconds and change — at a rate around 5.