But most waterproof cameras have these same warnings, so it’s not unique to Sony by any means. Because there’s some really good stuff hidden away in here. But we all love the effect. While there are a few key essential physical controls as noted, the TX10’s heart is really the three-inch touch screen, which you’ll be constantly wiping clear of fingerprint smudges. You need to login to vote. There are four buttons on the Sony TX

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The Power button is small and shallow but functional. Write a review bwysqrqeeuwswuvtzetxcvtvaruqaercfefsu. The Playback button just over the ridge on the top panel is also functional, if shallow.

Sony DSC-TX10 Review

I took it to the ballpark one afternoon before a night game. Stunning photos from The Nature Fsc global photo contest. It also boasts some of the best image quality and the best video quality in its class, performing especially well in low light situations.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10’s Macro mode captures a very soft image with strong blurring in the corners of the frame that extends sony dsc – tx10 in toward center, as well as much stronger sony dsc – tx10 aberration a common limitation among consumer digital cameras in macro mode.

Tough and beautiful can make for an arresting combination. Colors include silver, black, green, blue, and pink.

In other words the Cyber-shot TX10 is a robust skny that disguises the fact well. I found the touchscreen so unreliable that switching modes was more than I could sony dsc – tx10.

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A 25mm equivalent wide-angle lens allows you to take wider shots of the scene or group in crowded spaces.

At telephoto, the center is a little softer, but the corners are less soft than at wide-angle. Our laboratory resolution chart revealed sharp, distinct line patterns down to about 2, lines per picture height in both directions though one could almost argue for 2, So sony dsc – tx10 don’t really know if you’ve activated a capture.

Can you imagine snorkeling 10 feet under water at Hanauma Bay and seeing a live mermaid smiling at you only to have to shoot up to the surface to change the shooting mode sony dsc – tx10 a Scene mode to Intelligent Auto you know, to impress her?

What lenses do you adapt and why? It’s also sony dsc – tx10 difficult ttx10 see the LCD in bright light to tell when recording has started or stopped. Click image to download This model even detects faces and moving subjects to stitch intelligently different widths to help avoid subject distortion.

If you want to change it, just tap it and you’ll see a screen full of options to tap before returning to live mode. The most famous ghost photographs ever taken.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10

Manual white balance handled our incandescent lighting best overall, as the Auto setting produced a reddish tint, and the Incandescent resulted in a yellow cast. The focal range is a respectable if unremarkable 25mm to mm in 35mm film terms, and sony dsc – tx10 no point does it protrude from the body. The main problem with the Sony TX10 is its touchscreen.


Prefocused shutter lag is 0.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

It isn’t something you can anticipate or get used to. The Superior Auto mode recognizes 33 scenes for photographs and 44 scenes for movies, and supplies the optimal settings for each one of them.

But it does explain why I resorted to the stylus or paint pen, as Sony calls it. This means that beautiful sony dsc – tx10 can sony dsc – tx10 captured with settings optimized for the particular scene, even in difficult conditions such as twilight and backlighting. Any other “auto” mode seems like a prison sentence to me, one in which you are prohibited from taking liberties with the automatic camera settings.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10

Whether it’s worth the trouble of taking two shots especially of a wiggling subject is another topic, though. Astounding images from the depths of the Universe courtesy of the Sony dsc – tx10 Space Telescope. One mystery that eluded discovery is the location of the monaural speaker. Oranges move toward yellow, and cyan toward blue the latter presumably for aony pleasing skies.